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Springtime Photo Dump

So, I haven't been keeping up as well as I should have this last month or two. I've been busy with stuff of course, and there are some exciting new developments taking place 'round these parts. In a feeble attempt to both recap and avoid housework, I'm putting some pictures I've taken in a nice steamy dump here:

First thing: succulents. Last year I had dismal success, but I realized that the trick is not to buy them from Home Depot. This time, I ordered a variety pack of clippings from a nursery in California.

I spent about a week designing and calculating the cost of making my own vertical garden pane. Then I saw that Home Depot sells them for twenty bucks. The cedar smells really good, too.

Because of the amount of cuttings I got, it quickly became a game of "what can I cram these into"

I even propagated the odd bits at the bottom of the box, and it actually worked.

This was the prettiest rosette of the bunch. It's actually still alive.

What I did buy at the 'Pot were some droopy houseplants, in an attempt to create more colorful container gardens. I actually bought flowers for the first time and photographed them, knowing they'd probably shrivel and die after the first week. It was a good thing I did.

This flower *could* have been pretty if it hadn't been half-dead when I bought it

This was the most variety I could work with Home Depot's houseplant stock during my visit.

This flower actually budded and bloomed. And then got rained on for 5 weeks and died.

I made some spring-themed cards for my friends and family, channeling the spirit of Martha Stewart.

We've also taken walks around the neighborhood and visited outdoor areas such as the Boston Commons and the Arnold Arboretum.

Pretty brick houses on Beacon Street that are all now chiropractor's offices.

What kind of flower is this? They're so pretty!

Party Mountain at the Arboretum.

This bonsai tree is like a billion years old, roughly

Redwoods at the Arboretum

Taken during Lilac Sunday at the arboretum

I've always loved the willow trees at the Commons

Columbines have been growing everywhere, and they're one of my favorites

Some cloud pictures I've taken because I'm a boring individual:

Lastly, hamsters. Man do they reek but they're oh-so-cute when they're cuddling. I keep trying to take pictures of them but always fail because a) they're moving, b) low light, c) they're inside a cage or ball that distorts/blurs the image and makes it look like it was taken at night.

They look like little Ghibli owls when they sleep. When it's hot they sprawl out on their backs like little pups.

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