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New Gadget: Samsung ST77 Camera

I'm very excited to introduce my latest technological indulgence, the little super-portable Samsung ST77 camera, which I have aptly dubbed STEVEN (get it? get it??)

It comes in white, silver, and black. I've read nothing but good things about it, and with a $75 price tag, that's hard to beat in my stingy book. It's half an inch thick, about 3.5" wide, has a nice big LCD screen on the back. Its specs are really good, too, for the kind of thing I'd be using it for.

And what is that, exactly? Well, since I'm one of the 5 remaining people in the world without a SmartPhone hot-glued to my hand, I lack a portable camera, which is something that I hoped to get out of my iPod touch when I got it a few years ago (I was sadly disappointed). I'm constantly asking my boyfriend to take pictures of stuff and send it to me with his sapphire-encrusted iPhone 5 lens or whatever (that can then be junked over using an Instagram filter). I want to be able to take pictures of stuff on the go, and documents/pictures to replace my physical collection of clippings/inspiration images.

I haven't had a lot of time yet to play around with the camera, as I just got it yesterday, but I took some pictures of random stuff this morning, especially interested to test its low-light capture abilities. Later I will figure out how to control the lighting, and calibrate the colors. 

So far I'm impressed with the indoor photo quality. Even my fancy camera takes yellowish, fuzzy pictures in this same spot.

Trying out macro.

One of the camera's boasting points when reading up on it was the color quality.

Managed to focus on both the suncatcher and the mesh.

Great at focusing on all the dust...

Trying out the document capture setting
This camera also takes live panoramic pictures, the same as the iPhone 5. This was taken at nighttime, in our flourescent-lit kitchen. 
I also bought this teeny little Polaroid tripod (it's about 5" tall) for taking pictures of documents/magazine clippings. I love it so far and will be able to pack it in with my camera case.
The last feature of the camera that I have yet to try is the HD video function. 

I love this camera so far. It's got a lot of really good features (even a self-timer) for such a small and inexpensive camera, and I'd recommend it to everyone who wants a nice portable camera. I plan on making a little pouch-case for it so that I can carry it around in my bag with me everywhere.

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