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Commission Commander: SnapShotz Board Game

One of the freelance commissions that I worked on last year was as illustrator/graphic designer for SnapShotz, a  family board game concept involving photography. "Pose cards" dictate the type of picture you will take on your turn. It was fun to work on, and the challenges included a limited color palette and coming up with an original "blank" human design. 

Concepts for the game's logo
Concepts for the Pose Cards logo
The back of one of the Pose Cards
Artwork for the poses
Concepts for the "over-the-shoulder" pose
Concepts for the Wild Card
The camera art and Skip Me graphic

Creating the board layout itself was also a challenge, considering the limited color palette. Looking to other games' board designs, they're surprisingly simple and I never noticed that they're usually just a solid color with the logo smack in the center. Obviously, because people are only focusing on the text tiles as they plot to take down their family members. 

This board's design went through many changes (for the better). Below are some of the iterations.

The box design was enjoyable for me, and I wanted it to look like a leather-bound photo album. I also chose a font/layout reminiscent of retro board games, thinking back on the ones in my grandparents' basement. Below are a couple of iterations.

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