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Princess Cupcakes for New Year's Eve

This year I brought the makings for princess-themed cupcakes to make with my little cousins. I got the idea from cupcake design book my boyfriend's mom got me for Christmas.

My grandma was simultaneously making Italian zeppoles for New Year's, so there were many desserts (as usual) to choose from.

In the background you can see the gingerbread house that I helped my little cousin make. I'm glad I'm not an architect. Plus, I'm guessing the gumdrops and candies that come with it are roughly a decade old.

My grandpa is a major oenophile, so we had real champagne for New Year's. He taught me that champagne is only champagne if it comes from Champagne, France. Otherwise it's a white wine. Either way, it all tastes like bitter Sprite to me.

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