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iPod Photo Dump

Starting off the new year by emptying out all my iPod photos. I had something like 300 on there from the past couple of years, but most of them were largely unusable thanks to the utterly awful quality of the camera. Seriously. I think my LG Chocolate phone from 4-5 years ago took better quality pictures. 

Anyway, here are a few interesting ones worth posting.

The church on Mission Hill I walked past at least twice a day for 2 years.

One of the cakes I made at the bakery

A dessert from Quebec

Extracting my hard drive from my MacBook Pro. I felt like a heart surgeon.

Concert photos *always* come out like garbage, but we still take them anyway. This is Florence and the Machine.

My boyfriend asked what the weather was like, so I took this and sent it.

Saying goodbye to my beloved portable CD player from middle and high school. You anti-skipped well, old friend. You anti-skipped well.

Zooooommmg 12/12/12!! I happened to be awake at this precise moment.

My backyard in Maine after a foot of snowfall.

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