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Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle France: My trip to Quebec City

During the first week of August, I traveled to Quebec City with my mom and her colleague, another French teacher from the high school, for les Fêtes de la Nouvelle France. It's a historic re-enactment of early French colonial times, so there were LOTS of people in wigs and breeches. We stayed for a few days and did a variety of things. Here are some pictures from that trip.

Everyone - and I mean EVERYone was dressed up. There were even 2 poodles dressed up in colonial garb. The big thing about the festival was that people dressed up and sold stuff like honey, garlic, local cheeses and pate de foie gras. So, a colonial Ren-fest. Or Assassin's Creed.

A stoneworker at his stand

A flameworker at his stand (with the largest crowd of onlookers of course)
Hilly streets in the old part of the city, with the Chateau Frontenac in the background left. 
lots of boats, and those tents are where Cirque du Soleil performed
A historical, animated film was projected onto this stretch of wall-barrel thingies. It was essentially a very large, panoramic projection screen.
We had lunch on a Native American reservation. This work-in-progress giant wigwam is actually part of a hotel. Inside, there were lots of wolf pelts and stuffed dead animals. 
These succulents were growing on a big stone pillar in front of a building.
A passionflower
I love, love, love waterfalls. This is the Montmorency Waterfall, which, at 275 feet, is taller than Niagara. The picture of course doesn't do it justice.

The bridge that spans over its top. Not for a million dollars.

This rickety-looking structure, which belongs on Kashyyyk, is how insane people could get up to the height of the top of the falls. There was also a gondola ride up the other side, if you wanted to freak out while sitting down comfortably. 
This shale and other sedimentary stone is the kind of sturdy foundation for the wooden stairs up the mountain. Yeah, no thanks.
I had my mom take this picture of me to try and convey sheer scale. I seriously thought I was in an Elder Scrolls game, the cliffs were so--vertical!

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