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Photo Dump: Weekend in Maine

For Memorial Day Weekend, I went home to Maine, because who doesn't love grilled hotdogs and giant comfy beds and playing with cats? Below are some of the pictures that I took there.

One of our brook fishing locations. I caught 4 little trout and was savaged by a copperhead (not shown).

The Tiger Swallowtails are emerging, and there were flocks of them on the mud. Maybe a moose peed there?

One of the 3 swallow's nests on our front porch. Here's a zoomed-in picture of the baby birds.

The clematis bloomed overnight.

Even though you can't see his ruby throat, it's a male. 

Love me some Lupine.

Iris flower.

Lupine leaf.

Yellow daylilies.

Dark purple irises make me think of the Van Gogh paintings.

The lilac are starting to bloom! I love them too.

Hen-and-chicks succulents that my mom gave me several of.

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