I am an artist and an animator. I play between the things that I find aesthetically pleasing and the things that make me laugh cherry Coke out my nose.

Ribboned Painting Series

Once, I bought a pair of ugly wooden violin shelf-decoration-thingies and gave them a paint makeover, unfinished even though I had them for 3 years.

In my most recent move, I sadly abandoned them on the curb and they're now in a stranger's house on Mission Hill.

I used them as inspiration for this 5-painting series. The beauty of modern technology is that it can never adequately capture a painting on a canvas. Nevertheless, a couple of these are going to be part of The Fourth Wall Project's "Revenge of Freeky Fright Nights" Halloween-themed gallery, running October 28th-31st. If you're in the Fenway area, check it out or come to the opening, October 28th, 7-9 pm.

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