I am an artist and an animator. I play between the things that I find aesthetically pleasing and the things that make me laugh cherry Coke out my nose.

Background designs for MYSTERIO Degree Project

Front of Sinatra's lair
Cuticle Girl's bathroom
Gate room with Boss door and Myst Machine

Sinatra's laboratory

Exterior of Mysterio's lair cliff. Superheroes have those, right?

In front of Sinatra's lair, for a talking shot

Mysterio and Cuticle Girl's lair-you can't spell "chocobo" without "chic"
Sinatra's office
Alternate view of Mysterio's lair, with map of Vvardenfell. I don't know why it's so purple.

An additional background for their lair

Detail of elephant plant pot. I'd buy it.

The plants in the background. Resident Evil homage.

Potted plant detail.

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