I am an artist and an animator. I play between the things that I find aesthetically pleasing and the things that make me laugh cherry Coke out my nose.

Degree Project: MYSTERIO in-progress pictures

Proof that I'm actually working on stuff these days, here are some randomly taken work-in-progress images for my degree project.

Cuticle Girl unsafely loading her Glock's magazine
Chopsticks for Cuticle Girl
There is so much WAT in this picture
Stove Sobotnok delivers his news report. My God is he handsome.
Cuticle Girl's scrape with Sinatra
Bart's cheerful. Or is that cheekful?

Mysterio being punchably Anime
Cuticle Girl's hand holding her Glock. I thought of putting a sticker of PeeWee Herman's face but then decided against it.

Statue of Lil' Kim, "Ye Olde Centerfolde," in the Museum of Currency-Inspired Rappers
Possibly the grossest shot in my film
In-progress coloring of Cuticle Girl. She's like hot Eric Carle
Lip syching.

Rockin the Sinead O'Connor look and blue eyes.

This is what a Boob Smash looks like really fast

Cuticle Girl's ire. Maybe her heaving bosom will distract the audience from staring at her mannish right hand.

A screenshot of the bathroom sink details I was working on today. Note the precarious "Untitled" situation...I took this a little bit before Flash decided to crash, losing my last hour of work. Ha ha ha, I love computers...
Coloring the bathroom background in-progress.

Nearly finished background--just missing the sinks, lights, and Cuticle Girl curling her hair before the Flying Scene. Even though this background will pop up only for a few seconds, the amount of detail that goes into its making will give viewers something new to notice every time.

Mysterio, sans cape.


Not only is this a weird picture of all the frames at once, but I also kept the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" playing in the background.


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