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The Good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly: Sketchbook Drawings part 4

A series of awful drawings from one of my earlier college sketchbooks. I started to use pens to draw, and continued to do so for the next several sketchbooks.

Not sure which is worse--the one where I tried or the one where I didn't.

I made this gigantic drawing at someone's apartment while he was grinding his character in whatever MMO he had been playing the whole time I was there.

He didn't get the hint.

Skinny jeans for guys were just coming into "fashion"

Life-sized marionette sketches

I made this but the drawing's better

I did a giant painting of the character on the right...

Sketch of Myrrha, the girl who is in love with her father and turns into a tree whilst pregnant with her daddy baby

I made this bird-beetle in metals

I was going to do an animation about Drac, the hipster painting major

Lily Greenham concept sketches

I must have been in a painful critique

Phone doodles

Former landlord

Wal-Mart bathroom

Stop-motion set sketches


Still true.

Noodles courtesy of my friend Dan

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