I am an artist and an animator. I play between the things that I find aesthetically pleasing and the things that make me laugh cherry Coke out my nose.


These are screenprinted collages where I mixed imagery of taboo sexuality--utilizing gross characters such as the late Bon Scott, lead singer of AC/DC, and Murdoc Niccals of the band Gorillaz. You'll find that I like these two very much. In these larger scaled prints, I'm experimenting in wallpaper-like patterns and subtle, serpentine/fleshy color.

The snakes with strawberry reduction prints were a series I also did fall semester junior year (2008), in different colors and in differently-painted variations. The method of printing is long and tedious, but you get that cool painterly look, which made the finished print look very similar to the original, done in oil pastels. The colors were fun to work with too.

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