I am an artist and an animator. I play between the things that I find aesthetically pleasing and the things that make me laugh cherry Coke out my nose.

Sandblasted illustrations

"Bon Scott and Lotus"--shown at the MassArt All School Show, winner of the President's Award, and shown at the Chapel Hill Gallery Friends of Glass Show in New York City. It's a direct translation of my silkscreened collages onto the glass-as-canvas-medium. It was fun and therefore successful to me, and it eventually sold. Someone has this hanging up somewhere...or is using it as a tray for beer cans. The technique is pretty ghetto, but it's getting better each time I do it. Enamels are helping in that I'm not hand-cutting backwards letters out anymore.

"Burl Ives riding Gyrados over China"--my first enameled illustration, cutting down the production time significantly, also fun process-wise. Shown at the Caturano & Company MassArt Student works show January 25th-April 25th. I'm taking this as an example to make images of pop culture figures bigger and more legible (see Hanson Flowers)

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